Issue No. 5 – Language

Language plays a crucial role in connecting us to the world. It can be conveyed through words, gestures, and even facial expressions. This power of language has a tremendous impact on shaping human lives and can be expressed in different ways. One significant aspect of the creation of Call.Activit was the discovery of names, definitions, […]

Issue No. 4 – Gender

Gender is a socially constructed notion that varies across cultures. It is learned from a young age by observing and mimicking traits, behaviors, and roles deemed “masculine” or “feminine,” even though they may not have a logical basis. These gender expectations impact our appearance or product choices and shape our perception of the world, our […]

Issue No. 3 – Soul

The soul reflects who we are, is shaped by our life experiences, and impacts our well-being. In creating the magazine, we dived into a journey of self-discovery, examining our experiences and past traumas as black women. Through this process, we discovered the transformative power of openness and self-compassion. The lessons we learned are shared in […]

Issue No. 2 – Neighborhood

We frequently encounter a negative attitude towards the neighborhoods we hail from, driven by an arrogant and misguided belief that these neighborhoods and everything associated with them should be left behind. This belief disregards the life experiences that have shaped us, including the culture of the community, its unique scents, sounds, slang, childhood memories, nosy […]

Issue No. 1 – Black Body

Most narratives about us, our bodies, oppression, and struggles were not penned by us but rather by individuals unfamiliar with our experiences. The gaze that scrutinizes us is white and considered to be as objective\reliable\intellectual. However, the observer’s identity transforms the written work into a foregone conclusion. We reject this profoundly ingrained notion in the […]